Give Your Style a New Edge

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Give Your Style a New Edge

Hales Speed Shop embraces customers from all walks of life, from the mild to the wild. One thing that is generally true of everyone who shops here is that they have a bit of an inner outlaw. Today, we’re going to show you how to embrace your wilder side and wear it on your sleeve with some of our newest and most popular styles. 

How to Add an Edge to Your Wardrobe

When you go about enhancing your closet with a few spicier pieces, it’s important to stay with things you are comfortable with and then just step out a little bit more. For example, instead of opting for the short sleeve you would commonly see, choose a style like our Boulevard Cruiser.

It’s as classic and well-fitting as a shirt can come but in the bright colors of a fiery sunset. The classic fit and plaid pattern will make you feel completely at home, while the flare of color gives you a much stronger look. 

Another great option is an eye-catching graphic t-shirt. Hales has a great selection of graphic tees that allow you to express yourself with a distinct artistic style and message. If you love flannel as much as we do, you won’t believe the showstoppers and signature pieces that we have in stock for you! 

Daring Flannel Styles at Hales Speed Shop

Flannel makes its statement, but there’s nothing special about buying the same shirt everyone else already owns. At Hales, every flannel has meaning and they are far beyond what you find on the shelves of regular clothing stores. 

If you are looking for a flannel with a streak of excitement, you have lots of options. Some of our favorites include:

  • Lane Splitter Flannel: Complete with hidden collar stays, a utility slot for sunglasses, and black buttons bearing "Lane Splitter" in orange. Revitalize your style with the vibrant orange and black pattern. Unleash your wild side, hit the road in style, and split lanes with confidence.
  • 2Ten Flannel: Inspired by the vintage charm of a Hales Speed Shop custom '54 Chevrolet 210 build, it boasts a weathered colorway. Enhanced with pearlized baby blue snaps and custom gold trim for a classic touch. Get ready to cruise in style with the 2Ten flannel.
  • "Hannibal" Flannel: Tailor-made for horror enthusiasts! Crafted from premium, ultra-soft fabric, it draws inspiration from the iconic character of "Silence of the Lambs". Complete with Hannibal Lecter's distinctive mask featured on the inner main label, this flannel is a must-have for your horror collection.
  • Lunatic Flannel: A tribute to Hales' renowned '69 C-10 shop truck! Embrace your wild side with this impeccably weathered classic, built to endure explosive burnouts, doughnuts, and the ever-changing moods of intermittent insanity. This truck has weathered it all and refuses to be subdued, just like the shirt it has inspired.
  • Dealer Flannel: This flannel embodies the daring spirit of risk-takers, ensuring the good times never stop. Named after Colin's car, The Dealer is renowned for always carrying a trunk full of fun at car shows. Embrace adventure and excitement with this must-have style. Let the Dealer Flannel be your ticket to unforgettable experiences!

Flannels with meaning, passion, and style don’t end there at Hales. There are flannels with cultural significance like the Pier 21 flannel and the Southern Comfort flannel as well as ones that showcase your national pride, like the Tun Tavern flannel and the R.E.D. flannel. 

Shop Hales Speed Shop for the Ultimate Flannel Shirt

The thing to remember about the flannels you find at Hales is that many of them are only around for a limited time. Once these exclusive shirts are gone, you won’t have another opportunity to get them. While this makes them far more unique, you better get them while you can.

Hales flannels are stylish and tough. You can count on them to last for the long haul. Check out the best in men’s and women’s flannels at Hales Speed Shop today!