Hales Speed Shop Ignites the Night with the Atomic 10 Collection

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Hales Speed Shop Ignites the Night with the Atomic 10 Collection

In the raw, thunderous world of metal and asphalt, where hot rods scream and custom bikes roar, making your mark is the only rule. Hales Speed Shop's Atomic 10 flannel is more than just clothing—it's a battle cry, a testament to those who worship the growl of engines and the sheer, untamed spirit of the open road.

The Power of Neon: A Flannel That Glows

The Atomic 10 isn't just a flannel; it's a raw, electrifying tribute to the untamed heart of the automotive world. Inspired by the element neon—atomic number 10—it embodies the vibrant glow of neon lights that once guided adventurers to roadside sanctuaries. This shirt captures the essence of those neon beacons, radiating the bold, unchained spirit of nights fueled by speed and rebellion.

The result is a mesmerizing pattern of vivid blues and pinks, dancing against a black background like flames licking at the edge of darkness. The intricate design is a masterclass in contrast, with each thread seeming to pulse with its own inner light. When you slip on the Atomic 10, you're not just wearing a shirt; you're donning a piece of art that captures the essence of neon's allure.

Nostalgic Artwork Meets Modern Style

But the Atomic 10 is more than just a pretty face. We wanted this flannel to tell a story, to evoke the spirit of a time when hot rods ruled the streets, and the roar of engines filled the air. That's why we enlisted the talents of one of our favorite artists to create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

The design features an atomic bomb plummeting from the sky, its surface adorned with the iconic nose art that graced the fuselages of World War II bombers. But instead of a military insignia, this bomb bears the mark of Hales Speed Shop, a symbol of our commitment to the art of the machine. And riding this bomb like a mechanical steed is a pin-up girl, her hair whipping in the wind, her eyes fixed on the horizon. She's a reminder of the fearless spirit that drives us, the unwavering determination to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Comfort & Durability: A Flannel Built for the Road

Of course, we know that a flannel shirt is only as good as its ability to keep you comfortable on the long haul, that's why the Atomic 10 is crafted from a blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, offering flexibility and durability. Whether wrenching under the hood, riding into the sunset, or kicking back with your crew, this flannel is built to move with you.

We've also paid attention to the details that matter. The Hales label on the left chest pocket is a mark of quality, a reminder that you're wearing gear designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The sunglass/pen holder on the right chest pocket is a nod to the practicality that every builder needs, while the pearlized snaps and button-down hidden collar stays add a touch of class to this rugged garment.

The Atomic 10 is more than a shirt; it's a raw homage to the hotrod culture pulsing through our veins. It salutes the roaring hot rods, the sleek motorcycles, and the mechanical masterpieces that ignite our spirits. Wearing this isn't just about style; it's a badge of honor, a bond with the brotherhood of speed and swagger that spans the nation.

Whether you're blazing trails on the open road, dominating the track, or kicking back with your crew, rock the Atomic 10. Wearing any piece from this Hales Speed Shop's collection isn’t just about fitting in; it’s about standing out and leading the charge with every neon stitch.