The Bold Rebel: Harley-Davidson Culture & Style

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The Bold Rebel: Harley-Davidson Culture & Style

Harley-Davidson's culture is decidedly rebellious and individualistic. It conjures up memories of the 1969 classic Easy Rider and style elements like leather, flannel, and graphic tees. While maintaining its elements, the culture and style of Harley-Davidson have become so popular that many of its elements have permeated the mainstream. 

Once limited to just those who ride motorcycles, it's not uncommon these days to see the “biker look” worn by a wide spectrum of people. It has even influenced major fashion houses like Alexander Wang, Balmain, and Armand Basi.

Make no mistake, when you are talking about Harley-Davidson culture, it always embodies a bold and rebellious spirit. 

Elements of Harley-Davidson Culture and Style

Since Harley-Davidson culture embraces the free spirit, the cast of characters who have embraced it are quite diverse. While bikers were the first to introduce the culture to the rest of the world, it has been loved by everyone from travelers to movie stars and even a few infamous scofflaws. 

Often referred to as “Chopper culture”, this style has no set rules and no defined boundaries- and those who are part of it, wouldn’t have it any other way! Perhaps, that is why some of these freewheeling spirits find it difficult to not go against the grain and occasionally break a few rules. 

While rules are meant to be broken, it is safe to say that among bikers of today and the past, you are always likely to find signatures like leather jackets, flannel shirts, and graphic t-shirts. The most significant part of embracing this culture and style is finding a way to do it on your terms. 

Flannel Shirts in Harley-Davidson Culture

If you have never ridden a motorcycle, it’s important to understand that the types of clothing worn by bikers are not chosen just for appearance's sake. For example, flannel, although stylish to wear, is very utilitarian and practical. 

Good flannels are tough and can take a beating. They last for years- which is why most people who wear them have a favorite that they do often. A high-quality flannel shirt can protect a rider from the wind and small debris as well as help keep them warm. 

Flannels are great for layering. You even see them tied around people’s waists because they are perfect for layers that need to be easily taken on and off based on changing weather and temperatures. 

The versatility of flannel shirts is what makes them a key element in the style of Harley-Davidson culture. They allow you to choose not only the color and fit that best suits you, but also allow for a lot of variation in how they are worn. A buttoned-up flannel gives a whole different appearance and feel than one layered under a jacket or worn over a great t-shirt.

The Harley-Davidson culture loves flannels because they give each person the ability to make it their own and wear the shirt their way. They signify inclusion in the culture while still embodying the individuality and freedom that Harley-Davidson is known for. 

Hales & Harley-Davidson: Kindred Spirits

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